GOC Algoritham

The world's best AI-based Algorithm Analysis Tools to get direction in all market conditions.

The GOC Algorithm serves as the GPS of stock market analysis, guiding investors through the complex world of financial markets.

Just as a GPS helps you navigate unfamiliar roads, this advanced AI-based tool provides clear directions for your investment journey


Step by step tutorials to understand how the GOC Algorithm works, as our tutorials break down its analysis techniques, pattern recognition, and it's unique approach to identifying market trends.

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Proprietary algorithm to find the buying and selling zones based on previous market conditions to predicate the market's next move.


First of its kind of algorithm which draws the Variable Support and Resistance lines with respect to current market movement.


Capture big movement using the M/W patterns, find reversal with unique technique of channels.

GOC Genie

Introducing GOC Genie, the innovative AI-based tool that provides stock selection in real-time.

GOC Genie tool, catering to the diverse needs of traders by offering insights based on multiple timeframes spanning 5 to 300 minutes. Designed to accommodate all trading styles, from day traders to swing traders, this intelligent system analyzes data across various timeframes, providing comprehensive stock selection options.

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The Trader's Journey


This comprehensive program offers a structured learning path, equipping beginners with foundational knowledge and guiding experienced traders toward advanced strategies.

By integrating real-world case studies, practical exercises, and expert insights, this course caters to traders at every level.

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GOC Pullers and Draggers

Whether to go for Call or Put? Find your answer on the Pullers/Draggers page. Uncover the rationale behind market direction, whether it's an upward or downward trend.

Explore the summary of weighted index points, driving the market in a similar direction.

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GOC Meter

The GOC Meter forecasts the market's future trend.

Bull and Bear percentages indicate the market's direction.

Trusted by over 25,000 traders daily, it stands as the only leading indicator offering insights into the market's next move.

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